Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quagmire Causes Controversy

October 14th, 2009 - Quahog - Family Guy star, Glenn Quagmire, caused a bit of controversy yesterday while promoting his new book Men Are From Venus...Have You Seen my Penis? After his book signing at a Barnes and Noble store, a group of feminists barricaded the doors and refused to allow anyone in or out for almost an hour.
Quagmire plays the hyper-sexual neighbor of the Griffins on Family Guy. Apparently, those character traits have spilled over into his real life as well. The usually private Quagmire recently released his first book. The majority of which demeans women and portrays them only as sexual objects. Quagmire claims the book is only hyperbole and is just an extension of his famous character. Feminists groups claim he is simply bragging about his exploits and passing on his lack of respect for women everywhere. The women who were present at yesterday's protest were passing out an excerpt from the book to passers by that was labeled "Quagmire's Trash". The excerpt read:

...I could tell from the way she tossed her blond hair that she would put up no fight. I strolled across the bar room with a cigarette at the ready. As I approached I said, "Here baby put this in your mouth...oh and here's a cigarette. Giggity". She just laughed and dangled her high heel by one toe. As I leaned in to give her a light, the top of her dress hung open and I stared at her torpedoes..."giggity goo!"...

As the pamphlets were being handed out, the women protesters encouraged those listening to boycott Barnes and Noble until they removed Quagmire's new book. The protest was fairly civil until the women began barricading the doors. The police were summoned by the store's manager and several of the protesters were arrested. When asked what he thought of the incident, Quagmire said "Lonely, hot chics in jail...ALL-RIGHT!".

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