Sunday, September 20, 2009

Former TV Partners "Shoot It Out" Over Immigration

September 20th, 2009 - Hollywoodland Former television partners Quick Draw McGraw and Baba Looey butted heads this weekend at a Legal Immigrants rally. Quick Draw and Baba Looey portrayed old west crime fighters in the hit television show The Quick Draw McGraw Show.
This weekend, however, Baba Looey and Speedy Gonzales were guest speakers at a Legal Immigrants Association rally where several immigration laws, currently in the senate, were being promoted and discussed. The rally was about to wrap up, when Quick Draw and about 20 protesters marched into the middle of the rally. The protesters carried signs with anti-immigration slogans and were chanting, "Listen to our orders, close those borders!".
The presence of the protesters made the peaceful rally turn tense. Baba Looey tried to calm the crowd down by announcing, "I theens wat meester Queek Draw meens...". However Quick Draw promptly grabbed the microphone and said, "I'll do the thinnin' round here! You emmiiigrants arrr mussin' up arrr cuntry!" Witnesses say that Quick Draw and his protesters would not relinquish control of the PA system after that. The Legal Immigrants Association decided to end the rally before any violence broke out. Baba Looey did have some words for Quick Draw before leaving, but they can not be reported in this column. Speedy Gonzales simply said to the group, "Ándale, Ándale! Árriba, Árriba! Leet's take our peeceful deemonstration to dee streets." With that, the immigrants gathered and marched away.
It was no secret, in celebrity circles, that Quick Draw and Baba Looey were not fond of each other; even during the time of their hit show. It is now obvious that their opposing political views had something to do with that.
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