Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yosemite Sam "Raises Hare" on PETA's Neck

September 8th, 2009    Yosemite Sam has raised the attention of PETA recently.  According to a PETA spokesperson, over the past 5 years, Sam has been breeding and raising animals for the sole purpose of organized hunting.  Yosemite Sam owns approximately 100 acres in Carlsbad, CA.  Here he has set up breeding barns for rabbits, deer, elk, bears, and turkeys...to name a few.  Outside of these barns are large 20 acre enclosures that he releases the animals into.  Once in there, the animals are hunted by paying hunters, who want to hunt with the legendary guns man.  The animals have no chance of escape and are rumored to sometimes be tortured by Sam and the hunters.  These accusations came as no surprise to acquaintances of Yosemite Sam.  One of his oldest friends, Foghorn Leghorn, said this when asked to comment on the rumors.  "I say, Sammy is a decent man...decent I say.  But meaner than a corn snake in hot coals...pay attention boy I'm tellin' ya somethin' here.  He didn't like the way that rabbit done him in the pictures and he's held onto that grudge...I say he's held onto it real tight!"
Mr. Leghorn was, of course, referring to the beloved short films starring Yosemite Sam and Bugs Bunny.  The two had quite a fictional feud going and were making big money films together.  However, Sam thought that his star was as bright as Bugs Bunny's.  Hanna Barbera did not agree and when Sam asked for equal billing and equal pay his contract was not renewed.  Adding insult to injury, the last contractual films Sam did made him look more backward and inept than previous films.  Insiders say this was done on purpose by the writers, but Sam believed Bugs Bunny was behind it.  Either way, Sam's star fell while Bugs Bunny soared on to unimaginable fame. 
Yosemite Sam retired from film and moved to Carlsbad, CA in the early 80's and has been running the Yosemite Sam's Rootin'ist Tootin'ist Hunting Camp West of the Pecos for the past 15years.  Only in the last 6 months have allegations surfaced about the inhumane treatment of the animals.  As more details surface, it will be clear if PETA is picking on Yosemite Sam because of his celebrity or does he have a deep seeded hatred of all animals going back to his days with Bugs Bunny.  After several failed attempts to reach Sam for a comment, he was finally willing to release a brief statement.  "I hates rabbits.  They is nothing but long eared galoots and carrot eatin' idgets, but I ain't never tortured no varmits..." 
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