Saturday, September 5, 2009

Simpson, Griffin, and Gumble Arrested

September 5, 2009 -Springfield
A minor raucous broke out at Springfield community park on Friday evening. According to witnesses, three men staggered through the park around 6:30 PM demanding to know where the Night Ranger concert was. The men were later identified as Homer J Simpson and Barney Gumble (both from Springfield) and Peter Grifin of Quahog. The men appeared to be intoxicated. After being told the concert was in fact on the other side of town, the three men became verbally abusive to the other park goers.
As the men grew louder, a group of motorcyclists rolled over to see what the noise was about. The group was actually Chopper, Revs, Hi-Riser, and Scrambles, from Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch fame. Chopper and Revs approached Homer to determine what the problem was. Homer demanded that the Chopper Bunch sing Sister Christan. Chopper tried in vain to explain that they were not Night Ranger, but Simpson kept insisting they sing the song. Rev tried to talk to Griffin, but Griffin kept mumbling "...I'll show you Giant Chicken...!". Witnesses say Scrambles appeared annoyed that the other members of the Chopper Bunch got involved because he just kept repeating "i told'ja, i told'ja...".
Police arrived before any real violence broke out and Simpson, Griffin, and Gumble were all arrested for public intoxication. While the three were handcuffed and waiting for the paddy wagon to arrive, witnesses say Nelson Muntz rode by on his bike and exclaimed "HA HA!" It is then believed that Simpson muttered sadly to himself, "D'OH...". However, this could not be confirmed by any of the witnesses.
As of the time of this writing, the three remained in jail.
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