Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Simpsons" Star Caught Drunk Behind the Wheel

September 19th, 2009 - Springfield Early this morning, Springfield Police arrested Lenny Leonard for driving while intoxicated. Police said his BMW was drifting over the center line for several blocks and he was pulled over. As they approached the vehicle, the smell of alcohol was overwhelming. Leonard was slurring his words and fumbled his wallet searching for his drivers license. The police then asked him to step out of the vehicle. As he was exiting the car, his foot got tangled in the seat belt and Mr. Leonard fell to the street. At this point, police also asked for Mr. Leonards passenger to exit the vehicle.
Paparazzi at the scene photographed Lois Griffin coming out of the front passenger seat with very little clothing on (see photo). Police say she too seemed very intoxicated and could hardly stand. Witnesses say that Mrs. Griffin kept crying out, "Please don't tell Peter!" Referring to her Family Guy costar Peter Griffin (no relation). The two did date during the initial run of the show, but have not been romantically linked in several years. Mr. Leonard is engaged to Daria Morgendorffer. At least they were engaged until this episode transpired.
Lenny Leonard was given a field sobriety test, which he failed miserably. A breathalyzer was then given and Mr. Leonard was found to be 3x the legal limit. He was arrested and his car was impounded. Lois Griffin was given a ride to the police station where she could call for a ride home. Paparazzi indicated that a visibly disgusted Freddie Jones came to the police station to get Lois Griffin. The two have been long time pals having both attended Van Nuys High Scool.
Witnesses also said that while Mr. Leonard was being unloaded from the police car, he was belligerent and began shouting racial epithets at the arresting officers.
This story will be updated after Mr. Leonard is officially charged.
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