Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Igloo of the Herculoids - September 16th, 2009 - One of the most beloved characters of the super group known as The Herculoids has died. The giant rock ape has lost his battle with lung cancer. Those nearest Igloo say he passed away peacefully at his home in Metropolis on Monday morning. He was surrounded by friends and family.
Igloo gained early fame in 1967 on the television show The Herculoids. He portrayed the big hearted and nearly invincible super hero on the series. He also displayed those character traits in real life and has been described by his friends as someone who was always there for advice and for helping others. After his series went off the air in 1969, he and Wally Gator (who also had a successful show around that time) founded a group that fought for the observance of the 2nd amendment. Their group, The Crusaders for the Right to Bear Arms, still has a large membership and Igloo was involved up until his death. Ironically, Wally Gator has accidentally shot himself over 40 times, but still fights for his right to do so.
Igloo was laid to rest this afternoon. All of The Herculoids were present. Gloop and Gleep turned themselves into a beautiful arrangement of gooey, flower-like masses. Zuk and Tundro both shot fire and rocks into the sky as Igloo was being lowered into his final resting place. Zandor and Tarra gave emotion filled eulogies to honor their friend. Other celebrities present were Wally Gator (on crutches from recently shooting himself in the foot), Jonny Quest, Space Ghost, Brak, Beavis, and Bart Simpson.

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