Sunday, September 13, 2009

Meg Griffin and Frylock Getting Cozy

September 13th, 2009 - Quahog The latest development in celebrity dating seems to be Meg Griffin and Frylock. Both of these celebrities are at the top of their fame game and have been linked as an item by several members of the media. The pair decided to make it official last week when they attended the Writers Guild Awards in Hollywoodland.
Meg, of course, is on the hit FOX show Family Guy and Frylock is one of the stars of Cartoon Networks Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Neither is a stranger to the celebrity dating scene. Unlike her character, who plays an unpopular teenager on Family Guy, Meg has been linked to several celebrity hunks including: Kevin Ethan Levin (Ben 10: Alien Force), Carl Carlson (The Simpsons), and Bamm-Bamm Rubble (Flintstones). When asked about these previous relationships Meg told us, "Oh my god! These were all fun but not serious. I am just having fun right now."

Frylock has also had a few celebrity relationships. He dated Jem on and off for about 5 years and was also involved with Strawberry Shortcake. Neither Meg nor Frylock would make a comment on their new relationship. Spokespersons for each, simply said they were close friends who were spending time together.

One of Frylock's closet friends, Early Cuyler of The Squibillies, had this to say: "That ol' boy ain't never gonna settle down. He just grabbin' the nearest, freshest cupcake off 'da shelf and when she get ta be day old, he get'em another un." With those sentimental words of encouragement, I don't see how these two can miss.

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